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Tomorrow it is Friday the 1st of June and that means PREMIER. The Mob has created a piece for  Junior Kompagniet at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen, 1o teenage girls that is. The performance is called BLÅ (means Blue) and it starts at 19.00. You an visit www.dansehallerne.dk/  for further information about dates, times, prices and all of that. This time we divided the work, Emma-Cecilia has made the choreography and Julia has made the music. There will be singing whales, waves, mermaids, and a quite a lot of blue…

(then we will rumble in the jungle cuz its distortion on Vesterbro. join us)

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Paris & Point Éphémère

WOW is the word. The 16th of May The Mob + Anders played a concert at Point Éphémère in Paris. The audience was nice, the sound was nice, we had nice costumes made by Moonspoonsaloon (and yes Julia was wearing Lil Waynes unitard) so the whole feeling was totally nice. We are so greatful to everyone who was there that night and turned the concert into a nirvana. Also we are super happy that the Swedish institute invited us, The Mob säger tusen tack 🙂

Valérie got it all on tape and soon you will be able to see an extract of the concert at www.ilovesweden.net and we will also give you some videos here.

Julia stayed a bit more in Paris, went to see her Ylva Falk perform at Le Club, had tea with an human angel at La Caravane, saw the Tim Burton Expo at the Cinemateque and Monumenta at Grand Palais (it was museum night, always good to keep an eye out for this event when you are in Paris) had Japanese food in Little Tokyo, at Kunitoraya and read about the fresh swedish gender neutral “hen” in french Elle.

Some pictures from this time around, more things from the concert will come soon.


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week May 13 to 20

Week Schedule


Hej! Here is an update of what is going to happen this coming week!

Monday. A day for Administration and stuff.

Tuesday. Hard core rehearsal with our drummer Anders, then costume fitting at MoonsSpoonSaloon and in the evening we will see the performance “Black Fairy Tale” at Dansehallerne. (Julia has executed some dramaturgy on that performance)

Wednesday 16th of May: We travel to Paris to perform at Point Éphémère in Jaures. So if you are in Paris you have to come! Doors open at 20.00

Thursday: Recovery day…

Weekend: Working on The Mob’s piece BLÅ, that will première 1st of June 2012.


SLOVENIA. We will miss you. We just came back from an intense but wonderful weekend. In Maribor. We performed Pogo Mob, played one Concert and gave a 3 day workshop for the talented students from Ljubljana Actors Academy. The first couple of days were new sunglasses, colourful candy, soared muscles, the Prodigy on repeat, excellent Mexican food (who would have known) fake blood and Pogo Mob. Then heavy rain, white horses, ceremonial seaweed dance, eyelashes with gold, concert in waterproof costumes, an express road trip and tiramisu. ps. The Mob likes giving workshop, and it seems like people really like taking our workshops so if you want us to give master-classes or workshop at your festival/institute/school/university/college/castle send an email to buffalospider@themob.dk and we will tell you more. Here are some pics from our trip!


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Sun in Copenhagen


It’s sun outside now and all of a sudden all obligations seem a little less important – nevertheless The Mob has a fun month to come, with touring and a new première (1st of June in Dansehallerne)! Rather spectacular. This week we are rehearsing our piece Pogo Mob (Julia almost got a concussion last time we performed it so we realized we need to rehears that one a bit more) cuz next week we are going to perform Pogo Mob in Slovenia, on the 11th of May that is. Then we are also pumping our beats and drilling songs on the Omnichord for our big concert at Point FRM in Paris on the 16th of May. (We are also writing on a very special application, but that is top secret so we can not tell you anything yet…)


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ps. here are some pics from other things we’ve been up to including a party at Charlottenborg with clothes made by Moonspoon Saloon, a german b-day party in a parc, The Mob’s new neon powder from Mac and a picture of Alf. Yes Alf.

Birds on Skateboards pics part 1

Birds on Skateboards

So yesterday it happened. We performed “Birds on Skateboards“. When we told one of our friends about this performance he thought we said “Birth on Skateboards”, but none of us will give birth on a skateboard this spring, instead we were wearing spectacular bird costumes, made exclusively for The Mob by the talented designer Petruska Miehe-Renard, and then we performed our bird/dance/skate show in Copenhagen’s skate parks. First we were performing at The Big Party to Celebrate the International Day of Dance, at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen, and then at the Skate park in Vesterbro and the Skate park in Nørrebro. But we would like to share this performance with more of you so Copenhagen keep your eyes open, we might show up in a Skate park close to you this week.


The Mob is looking for a boom box/ghetto blaster for this weekend! It does not have to be this slick (even though it would be lovley to have one in gold..), so please write to us if you or any of your friends have one , everything is welcome, that we can borrow this week (we nee it for our performance this coming weekend on the 28th and the 29th of april)

hope you can help us. the mob will be grateful support you 4ever and ever…!

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New week schedule

 So here comes the schedule of a very intense week, 23rd til  29th of April

 Monday: we are collecting skateboards and rehearsing our concert with our new drummer.

Tuesday: Rehearsing “Birds on Skateboards” and in the evening there is a world premier of the Documentary about The Mob, that will be screened at Babel, in Malmö. We will also play a couple of songs, a lofi version The Mob, the concert…

Wednesday: More rehearsals. (Julia has promised herself to see “Dog Tooth” at Cph Pix) also finishing the costumes made by Petruska Miehe-Renard.

Thursday: Whole day dedicated to pimp the headquarters of The Mob – putting up shelves, curtain racks, maybe paint a little…we will see what happens!

Friday: Full on rehearsal day…

Saturday: The Mob will do 2 performances at Dansens Dag party at Dansehallerne, first we will give a sneak peak of “Birds on Skateboards”, then we will do our concert. With DRUMMER. It is going to be spectacular.

Sunday: The International Day of Dance. The Mob will perform “Birds on Skateboards” at 18.00 in the Skatepark in Vesterbro and 19.30 in the Skatepark in Nørrebro.

Paris people: 16th of May and the 16th of June

Now half of The Mob, Julia, is on my way to Paris. The Mob is going to perfom here later on this spring, actually we will perfom at the same venue, both times. The place is Point Éphémère, one of my favorite spots in Paris. It’s right by canal St Martin, close to the Metro stop Jaures. The house is an old convent, but nowadays people come their to work in the studios for dance and visual art or jump to the beat at their night clubs or just enjoying a huge beer in the sun by the canal. On the 16th of May we perform our pop concert at the festival ÅÄÖ organised by the Swedish Institute. The line up this evening is awesome and what is even more awesome is that The Mob have a new drummer! One of the best electro music drummers in Copenhagen, full of beats and brilliant ideas… it is stil a secret who it is, but we will let you know. On the 16th of June we perform our piesce on Margaret Thatcher at the summer dance festvial. So now I’m going to Paris to do some scout work, for example a meeting with the Embassy which I’m looking much forward to. Then I will also just give myself some holiday time, like me and my friend Amelie will treat ourselves with 2 hour Hammam and tonight I’m going to a birthday party with brownies and gin, macarons and champagne.